Japanese Research

5th Invitees (2010)

List of Invitees to the 5th Hakuho Foundation Japanese Fellowship

Invitee Leaksmy LOCH (Cambodia)
Head of Department, Department of Japanese, Royal University of Phnom Penh
Research Subject Japanese Language Teaching Method for Cambodia's University Students
—Focus on Relations between Students and Teachers—
Duration Oct 1, 2010–Mar 31, 2011
Receiving Organization Ochanomizu University
Invitee Lubica MICKOVA (Slovakia)
Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University
Research Subject Usage of Roundabout Expressions in Modern Japanese
Duration Oct 1, 2010–Sep 30, 2011
Receiving Organization Ochanomizu University
Invitee Yasuko NAGANO-MADSEN (Sweden)
Professor, Department of Language & Literature, University of Gothenburg
Research Subject Analysis of Accent and Intonation in Japanese
Duration May 3, 2011–Sep 30, 2011
*Jun 15,2012 update
Receiving Organization The National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
Invitee Chihiro THOMSON KINOSHITA (Australia)
Associate Professor of Japanese Studies, University of New South Wales
President, Japanese Studies Association of Australia
Research Subject Japanese Language Assessment for Learners and for Learning
Duration Oct 1, 2010–Feb 15, 2011
Receiving Organization Waseda University

*Invitee titles current at time of selection of Fellows.

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