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3rd Invitees (2008)

List of Invitees to the 3rd Hakuho Foundation Japanese Fellowship

Receiving Organization: The National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics

Invitee AGUS Suherman Suryadimulya (Indonesia)
Director, Center for Japanese Language Studies, Universitas Padjadjaran
Research Subject Comparisons between the Japanese and Indonesian Languages regarding the use of "Idioms" concerning parts of the body
Duration Oct 1, 2008–Sep 30, 2009
Invitee Yuko GOTO BUTLER (U.S.A.)
Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Research Subject An Analysis of Japanese Academic Language for Elementary School Students
Duration Oct 1, 2008–Jul 31, 2009
Invitee Tasanee METHAPISIT (Thailand)
Associate Professor, Department of Japanese, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University
Research Subject An Investigation into the possibility of using ITC & E-learning to support Japanese language learning autonomy in Thailand
Duration Mar 1, 2009–Sep 30, 2009
Invitee TEKMEN Ayse Nur (Turkey)
Chairperson & Associate Professor, Japanese Language and Literature Department, Faculty of Letters, Ankara University
Research Subject The Types of Polite Expression Forms in Japanese and Turkish
Duration Oct 1, 2008–Sep 30, 2009
Invitee TRAN Thi Hoang Mai (Vietnam)
Director, Center for Japanese Studies, Vietnam Institute for Northeast Asian Studies
Research Subject To Compile a Textbook of Chinese Characters in Japanese Language for Vietnamese Researchers in Japanese Studies
Duration Oct 1, 2008–Mar 31, 2009
Invitee YIN Song (China)
Associate Professor, School of Foreign Languages, East China Normal University
Research Subject On Teacher Development through Self-Study—An Analysis of Teaching Listening in College Japanese Courses in China
Duration Oct 1, 2008–Sep 30, 2009

*Invitee titles current at time of selection of Fellows.

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