Japanese Research

2nd Invitees (2007)

List of Invitees to the 2nd Hakuho Foundation Japanese Fellowship

Receiving Organization: The National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics

Invitee NGO Huong Lan (Vietnam)
Vice Director, Center for Japanese Studies, Institute for Northeast Asia Studies, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences
Research Subject Make the Primary and Intermediate Conversation Book "Japanese for Researchers"
Duration Oct 1, 2007–Mar 31, 2008
Invitee Hitomi OKETANI-LOBBEZOO (U.S.A.)
Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Bilingual Studies, Eastern Michigan University
Research Subject Raising Children as Bilinguals
—Japanese Language Education for Linguistically Minority Children in Japan: Revisited—
Duration Oct 4, 2007–Sep 30, 2008 (6 months of this period)
Invitee Yasu-Hiko TOHSAKU (U.S.A.)
Professor & Director of Language Program, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego
Research Subject Developing A Database of Effective Japanese Language Assessment and its Multi-purpose Use System
Duration Oct 1, 2007–Sep 30, 2008
Invitee VOROBEVA Galina (Kyrgyzstan)
Senior Lecturer of Japanese Language Course, Japan Center for Human Development
Research Subject Teaching Methods Development of Kanji for the Students from Non-Kanji Countries:
About development and application of optimal Kanji study order, based on analysis their graphical and structural elements, and also a technique of Kanji memorizing due to mnemonic associations
Duration Oct 1, 2007–Mar 31, 2008
Invitee Walid Farouk Ibrahim (Egypt)
Full-Time Lecturer, Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University
Research Subject A Contrastive Study of Japanese and Arabic Adverbs, Conjunctions, Onomatopoeia:
With a view to compiling a "Japanese sentence patterns collection for Arabic speakers"
Duration Oct 1, 2007–Sep 30, 2008

*Invitee titles current at time of selection of Fellows.

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