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1st Invitees (2006)

List of Invitees to the 1st Hakuho Foundation Japanese Fellowship

Receiving Organization: The National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics

Invitee CAO Dafeng (China)
Professor & Sub Chief, Beijing Center of Japanese Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University
Research Subject Fundamental Research for Development of New Japanese Language Teaching Materials using Textbook Corpus—Restructuring Japanese Language Instruction Grammar for Chinese-speaking Learners
Duration Oct 1, 2006–Sep 30, 2007
Invitee Shigeko NARIYAMA (Australia)
Lecturer, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne
Research Subject Understanding Japanese Omission of Words and its Culture for Learners of Japanese
Duration Oct 2, 2006–Sep 30, 2007
Invitee Chikako SIGEMORI-BUČAR (Republic of Slovenia)
Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies & Vice-Head, Department of Asian and African Studies, University of Ljubljana
Research Subject Contrastive Corpus Analysis of Causative in Japanese and Slovene
Duration Oct 1, 2006–Sep 30, 2007
Invitee WLODARCZYK Andre (France)
Professor & Chairperson, Department of Japanese Studies, Charles de Gaulle University - Lille 3, instruction, Universite Paris Sorbonne - Paris 4, research
Research Subject Information and Meta-information Structures in Japanese Language Utterances
Duration Oct 1, 2006–Jan 30, 2007,
Jul 15, 2007–Sep 15, 2007
Invitee YIM Young-Cheol (Korea)
Professor, Department of Japanese Language Literature, Chungang University
Research Subject Comparative Study of Korean and Japanese Communication Styles
Duration Oct 1, 2006–Sep 30, 2007

*Invitee titles current at time of selection of Fellows.

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