Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information

Basic policy on the handling of personal information

Hakuho Foundation will handle personal information it collects on its own or acquires from applicants in the awards and programs offered by the Foundation and information concerning the executives and employees of companies associated with the Foundation appropriately and in strict accordance with all related laws, industry standards and internal regulations.

Basic principles on the protection of personal information

Hakuho Foundation has established and will abide by the following basic principles concerning the handling of personal information.

1. Strict adherence with related laws and regulations

We will strictly abide by all laws, regulations, bylaws and internal regulations concerning personal information.

2. Appropriate acquisition and use of personal information from individuals

When obtaining personal information from an individual, we will explain in advance the purpose of utilization of the information, whether there is a possibility that the information will be provided to a third party and the purpose of such provision. Moreover, in such case as there is a change to the purpose of utilization or party to which the information is provided, we will notify the individual concerned and, if unable to obtain his or her consent, only utilize the information within the scope to which consent has been given. In such case as we receive a notice of refusal of utilization of part or all of an individual's information, we will comply with such request. In addition, we will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information, and will comply with any request concerning the disclosure, cessation of utilization or deletion of information.

3. Executive and employee education

Hakuho Foundation will promote the appropriate handling of personal information and strict adherence to all laws and regulations by conducting regular personal information training for executives and employees to educate them to the importance of the protection of personal information, the relevant legal requirements, management system and regulations for handling personal information, and the penalties for breaching such regulations.

4. Establishment of a system for managing the handling of personal information

We will set down a system of internal management and responsibility and appoint a management supervisor for personal information so as to ensure the protection of personal information.

5. Clarification of the handling of personal information

We will set down regulations concerning the viewing, utilization, storage, disposal and return of personal information to ensure the secure and appropriate handling of personal information and will abide by such regulations under the supervision of the management supervisor.

6. Provisions concerning unauthorized access

We will build appropriate information and information management systems and other measures to prevent the theft, loss, alteration or destruction of personal information due to unauthorized access.

7. Ensuring security when consigning personal information processing

In such case as we consign the processing of personal information to an external party, we will select a consignee that we confirm will manage the personal information securely in accordance with our internal regulations and will provide appropriate supervision.

8. Establishment of a rapid response system to address problems

We will build a system that will quickly and precisely comprehend any problems that should arise and address them appropriately.

9. Continuous improvement

We will strive to continuously improve by monitoring management and responding to external changes.