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History of Hakuho Foundation

1895- Hakuhodo established
Publishes education journals including Kyoiku shimbun and Gaku no tomo
Establishes and bestows Meiji Newspaper & Magazine Pocket Library on the Faculty of Law, Tokyo Imperial University
July 1970 Hakuho Foundation established as a Ministry of Education accredited incorporated foundation on the occasion of Hakuhodo's 75th anniversary
November 1970 1st Hakuho Awards presented in three categories:Japanese as the National Language Education, Education for the Visually Impaired and Education for the Hearing Impaired
February 2004 1st Hakuho Education Forum held
September 2005 Hakuho Research Grant for Child Education initiated
February 2006 Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship initiated
March 2007 Hakuho Scheme for a Global Children's Japanese Language Network initiated
April 2011 Hakuho Foundation commences operation as a public interest incorporated foundation
June 2016 Survey research program initiated
April 2017 Hakuho Foundation Child Research Institute established

About Hakuho Foundation

Hakuho Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation based in Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1970 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of Hakuhodo Inc., a major Japanese advertising company. With the vision of contributing to children's growth through the power of language, the Foundation helps support child education through such initiatives as the Hakuho Award, the Hakuho Research Grand for Child Education, the Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship, and the Hakuho Scheme for a Global Children's Japanese Language Network. In 2017, we redoubled our commitment to this vision with the establishment of the Hakuho Foundation Child Research Institute.

The Foundation will continue working toward a brighter future for children and for society through a variety of activities.

About Hakuhodo Inc.

Founded in 1895, Hakuhodo is a full-service advertising agency that has been in continuous operation since the dawn of advertising in Japan. With billings of ¥875.2 billion in FY 2016, the agency is Japan's second largest. In 2003, Hakuhodo integrated its business with Daiko Advertising Inc. and Yomiko Advertising Inc., establishing the holding company Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. Hakuhodo DY Holdings ranks No. 11 in the world in terms of gross profit (source: Advertising Age's Agency Report 2016).